Our God is amazing...
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About Leakesville Presbyterian

We at LPC are a diverse collection of people who share a central purpose in life: to glorify our God and to enjoy Him at every moment. We are bankers and businesspeople, farmers and teachers, each with an intriguing story to tell. But above all, we are people who know the abundant grace of our Lord in redeeming us in Christ–and we seek to live in a thankfully obedient manner before the Good Shepherd, who loves us so tenderly and passionately.

Our church dates back to 1891, when we were organized under the authority of Tombeckbee Presbytery. Our church sanctuary has been rebuilt twice, yet it still reflects the same stately design of the original sanctuary; and many of our families have been LPC members for generations. Even today we draw on that rich heritage as we carry the cause of Christ into the new millennium.

We at LPC cherish our fellowship in Christ and are thankful for God’s many blessings in our lives: and we invite you to visit our church and to share in His grace.

But we are first a people of faith in Christ.